Software Assurance Marketplace
The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) is a web application for analysing software code.
Time Trafficker
A web site for collectors of vintage wristwatches.
A web application for nursing home patient care.

Web Development

Over the years, I have transitioned from a hard core C/C++ programmer into a 3D simulation scripter and eventually into a web developer. I enjoy web development because it is inherently visual and most of all, because the things that I create can be easily shared with others.


I can perform a variety of web development tasks ranging from graphic design to web programming.

Front End / UI Development

Coming from a programming background, I am skilled at writing strucutured Javascript using modern web development best practices. Most of my Javascript work deals with user interface programming, but I have used Javascript to program simulation logic and have even created web based video games!


  • HTML
  • Javascript


Back End / Web Services Development

I've built several web applications involving both the front end (UI) and the back end (web services). For building the web services, I prefer to work with PHP because of its ease of deployment and relatively simple installation and/or configuration.


  • PHP
  • SQL


Web Design, Layout, and Navigation

I can do the site design, layout, and navigation, making web sites that are both attractive and easy to navigate. I can also do the creative part, helping you to come up with a look and feel for your web site. I can also create custom graphics and illustrations as needed.

Graphic Design Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Gimp

Illustration Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Autodesk 3ds Max

Web Design Tools

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Below are some examples of my work (and play)!

Title:Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP)
Description:I am the lead web developer for this $25 million project by the Morgridge Institutute for Research for the Department of Homeland Security. It allows software developers and members of the general public to upload software packages and run a series of analysis tools on the code to look for potential flaws and security vulnerabilities.
  • Twitter Bootstrap UI
  • Laravel back end web services
  • Integration with many component parts including SQL stored procedures, multiple back end web servers, and Condor high performance computing services.

Title:Time Trafficker
Description: I developed this web site was as a showcase and sales site for vintage 1960s and 1970s era wristwatches, especially LED models. I also did all of the photography.
  • Sprite animation of logo and header
  • Image galleries using thumbnails, lightboxes, and an interactive magnifying glass
  • Watch movement gallery features close-up hyper-resolution zoomable images using Microsoft's Seadragon technology

Title:Hypercosm Web Site
Description: I built several versions of this web site for the 3D simulation company that I founded. It was used to provide product and services information as well as for online purchasing.
  • A simulation gallery containing of dozens of Hypercosm 3D simulations
  • Online store permits electronic purchasing and downloading
  • Download a handful of free software packages and documentation