Technical Writing

During the course of the development of my various software package, I've done most of the documentation myself and have written several full length manuals a few hundred pages in length. I find that while the challenge of writing is quite different from the task of software development, I enjoy writing just as much and find the creative process to be similar.



I have experience writing many forms of documentation, from short single page brochures and sell sheets to long reference and training manuals containing hundreds of pages. I believe that being a good writer requires a degree of empathy with the reader. I find that I have enough of a non-technical mindset to be able to understand what needs to be explained and enough of a technical background to be able to do the explaining.

I’ve written the following types of documents:

Technical documents

  • User manuals
  • Reference manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Proposals(SBIR Phase 1&2 etc.)
  • Specifications / requirements
  • White papers
  • Technical / progress reports

Marketing documents

  • One page sell sheets
  • Fold-out brochures
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Web sites
  • Product packaging
  • Print advertisements


I’m a conscientious and detail oriented editor and proof-reader. I’ve always been good with grammar. I’m good at breaking down complex topics into bite sized pieces. I’ve edited technical manuals, non-fiction books, novels, and various forms of marketing literature.


As a visual person, I’m good with layout and presentation. I can discern the visual flow through documents. I can determine when images can be used to communicate concepts quickly and clearly. I understand the usage and importance of whitespace.


I'm proficient in using the following writing and publishing tools:

Web Development Presentation Tools

Reference Manuals

Title:The Hypercosm 3D Graphics System
Software:Adobe FrameMaker
Description:This is a reference manual that describes the capabilities of the Hypercosm 3D graphics simulation system.
Title:The OMAR Programming Language
Software:Adobe FrameMaker
Description:This is reference manual and guidebook on how to program in OMAR, a langauge that I developed for creating 3D graphics and simulations.

Software User Manuals

Title:Hypercosm Studio User's Guide
Software:Adobe FrameMaker
Description:This is a guide to the Hypercosm Studio software, a simulation scripting IDE.
Title:Hypercosm Studio Training Course Notes
Software:Microsoft Word
Description:This is a set of course notes that was used to accompany a 5 day training course in how to use the Hypercosm Studio software.

Title:Hypercosm Teleporter for 3ds Max Guide
Software:Adobe FrameMaker
Description:This is a guide to the Hypercosm Teleporter for 3ds Max software, an exporter from Autodesk 3ds Max into Hypercosm.
Title:Hypercosm Teleporter for SketchUp Guide
Software:Adobe FrameMaker
Description: This is a guide to the Hypercosm Teleporter for SketchUp software, an exporter from SketchUp into Hypercosm.

Marketing and Communications

Title:Hypercosm Security White Paper
Software:Microsoft Word
Description:This short white paper describes encoding 3D models in a way that keeps the 3D model data from being extracted.
Title:Hypercosm Content Creation White Paper
Software:Microsoft Word
Description:This white paper describes the process used to create 3D simulation content using the Hypercosm software.

Title: Hypercosm Visual eCRM White Paper
Software:Microsoft Word
Description:This white paper describes using 3D simulation for customer support.
Title: Hypercosm MaxLink Data Sheet
Software:Microsoft Word
Description:This is a specification data sheet for the Hypercosm MaxLink software, an exporter from Audodesk's 3ds Max into Hypercosm.