Macro Critters
A closer look at some common critters
Venus Transit 2012
A view of the once in a lifetime Venus transit of 2012
Eyeball Portraits
A collection of portraits of this most amazing anatomy
Auroras Over Madison
A sequence of images from a magnificent night of auroras.
Roller Derby
A selection of photos of the Mad Rollin' Dolls.
Macro Edibles
A closer look at some tasty items that you can probably find in your kitchen.
A set of icy images formed from ice, glass and sunshine.
Ode to Luna
A photographic ode to our lovely moon.


As with most photographers, my love for images and photography stretches back to childhood. I see photography as a way to see more of the universe than we would otherwise take in with just our eyes. In particular, my interests in macro and astro photography highlight that on both the micro and macro ends of the spectrum.


Macro Photography

I enjoy taking and exploring images of the very small. I have a particular fondness for those items that are on a scale just beyond normal human vision - not so small so as to be invisible entities from another world but small enough to normally go unnoticed in our daily lives.


There are so many beautiful an amazing things to see in the sky. With modest equipment, it's possible to peer out to the far reaches of the galaxy or to take a little virtual trip to our nearest lunar and planetary neighbors.

Product Photography

In product photography, it's an interesting challenge to figure out how to show objects at their very best. It involves setting up lighting and composition to highlight the unique forms of an object.

Event Photography

Although photography can be enjoyed as a solidary endeavor, there is also a social aspect to photography that I enjoy. I like to take photographs of people taking part in events (for example, roller derby) and then to be able to share those photographs.